Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Got My Mad On

Ok so today didn't start out so well

Woke up early couldn't get back to sleep. DL woke up at 2:30 and thought he would try and play with the cats. So now that the jig was up I was waking up with EVERY sound. And of course the duo of chaos took DL's waking to play (running up and down the hallway and slamming into walls and tub). Then D added snores. My sleepy-time was done.


Leak in car. I am getting the beginnings of Lake Michigan on the front passenger side of my car. Yes I've talked to D (the mechanic of the house), did so earlier in the year and was told he was trying to forget it.  Peachy.  I need to bring it up again.

More car stuff – I need new tires.  But will wait til spring and be one of “those” people who have studs on when they arent really needed.  Cause the studded tires are just fine.  Gives time to save up for new(er) tires

Final straw

My three yo gas range decided to toss out error codes.  W T F!  Right in the middle of baking bacon!  BACON! (wont anyone think of the bacon??)  The error code was one of those where the whole console (where all the stupid buttons are) is out of whack and I couldnt turn the darn thing off!  ACK!  Thankfully a wonderful man at the warranty/repair helped me through it, getting it turned off in a way that wasnt going to toast my oven (like I have $$ to replace it).  So thankful I purchased the 5 year extended warranty (only extended warranty Ive ever purchased)

So Im nursing my woes in some Vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh fruit (paid extra for cause it was already prepared – dont care its worth it for today) and Hersey's Special Dark syrup on top (no cherry)

Oh, and the bacon?  It was a bit over done but I can deal with crunchy bacon.


  1. Ugh, sounds like a crummy day! I hope that tomorrow is better!

  2. awe, but there's nothing better than a crunch when you eat a well cooked piece of bacon. I am sure your day will only get getter.
    Be always in stitches