Sunday, November 7, 2010

Changing of time

Is there still any justifiable reason why we still clock flip?  As far as I can tell, falling back an hr just makes it so its still dark when you leave for work/school in the morning and darker when its time to go home.

As usual, its harder for us humans to get acclimated to the change whereas the duo of chaos were ready to be fed (or in Loki’s case for his humans to be UP out of bed) at 5:30 (still technically 6:30 by what my bod thinks).  Too damn early!

I took it as an omen to get the pain of the time change started early and got busy washing clothes.

P took over the kitchen for a bit this afternoon to prepare a dish for Home-Ec since he had to miss a class.  So we all sampled his Frittata.  Not to bad.  Main thing I had issues with were the microwaved eggs (I didnt tell him that).  May take the opportunity and find a similar recipe to bake.

So his cooking got me thinking it was time to bake up a Pumpkin Cranberry bread loaf.

I would have shown pictures but apparently the toothpicks lied.  The center wasnt cooked completely (big sad face here).  I poked that darn thing in so many places, just to make sure it was just done and not the over done it was smelling like.

Didnt see there was a problem until later and found the top had fallen in.  (The loaf divided by 0!)

Oh well, just another opportunity to get the baking juices out later in the week.  Already have banana-choc chip requested and on the menu.  The bananas are getting ready.

I was able to stitch more this weekend on Quaker Boo.  Its almost 1/2 complete now.

Well Im off to bed.  Dont care that the clock doesnt even say 9pm.  Its 9pm!

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