Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dandelion Wishes

Thats how my thoughts today have been.  Blow on them and ‘poof’ they are gone.  Ive had a plethora of odds and ends float in and out of the gray matter today but nothing really stuck around.

Every one happened where I wasnt in a good spot to get it down (paper, phone, back of my hand…) 

Oh well, maybe the same ones will float by again soon and I will be in a spot to capture them.

Tonight I was at my friend Vicki’s who hosts stitch group twice a month.  As usual a good time was had by all.  Not many finishes shown off, everyone has been busy.  This weekend she is hosting her bi-monthly stitch weekend.  Sat & Sun stitching with friends, chatting, bitching, showing off finishes and having a wonderful time.

I have a four day weekend and other than a couple, small, quick errands I plan on gluing my butt to my cushy chair and stitch.  No specific plans other than put thread to needle and pull it all through fabric and end up with pretty x’s

I can wish cant i?

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