Friday, November 5, 2010

darn shoes

I hate buying nice shoes. I had to get new shoes for the party tonight.  It's been since forever that I've dressed up enough to need dress shoes. I tossed what I had when we remodeled (took the opportunity to downsize my closet).  Practically anything with a heal was toast. And that left me with practically no nice shoes.

So that left me completely shoeless for the party as I had nothing that went with the outfit I chose.  Well make that nothing with any outfit :P

The shoes I picked did the trick but unfortunately didnt fit as I hoped they would.  My fault for rushing such a purchase.  Thankfully didnt cost much.

D had a good question. Why do women buy shoes that don't fit?  I dont really have a good answer but could lead to more shopping.  I need some Dansko Mary Janes.  Have yet to meet a pair of Danskos I didnt like.

The party was nice. casino night.  Good food, no wine or beer, played craps, lost, didnt win any prizes.

I didnt stitch anything today.  Chilled on the morning train and was a sardine on the evening train.  Then it was a mad dash to get ready and go to the party.

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  1. Shoe shopping really is frustrating! I'm fairly tall (5'9") and many of the really pretty dress shoes have high heels which I'm really not fond of. I know they're stylish but since I don't regularly wear high heels, I'm not comfortable in them.