Monday, November 22, 2010


Some decisions I dont mind making and others are just plain tough

Those are the ones that effect others (or is it affect?).

Holidays are always tough.  My sister always makes grand plans that circle around the needs (time line) of her family and always gets irate (angry, bitchy, guilt monger) if you cannot meet at the designated time/day.

After all “Its a Family Gathering!”

This Thanksgiving is another great example.  We had tried to get a house for the whole extended family for Thanksgiving.  As usual it was one of the more expensive ones picked (or so it seemed to me – I gave alternatives that didnt make the cut).  But due to vacation allowances and other unexpected costs we had to cut out. 

So I talked with the sister and tried to make plans for a feasting Thanksgiving week where I would/could make part of dinner at my house and take it and boys (D isnt home until late) and eat and have fun.

Then I heard that another family member (at that time) wasnt sure if they could make it.  Which would have made the cost of the house more than I could bring up in that short time.

So it seemed plan B was under way until 2 weeks before T-day.

Now the House plan is back on and I am getting pestered (omg can she try guilt!).  I do not have the $ to go now as we got busy getting a head start on Christmas and I have a feast planned for this week as if I was eating at home (plan B at work!)

The parents (Ok, more Dad than Mom) are now “offering” to take the boys with them.  For Thanksgiving!  As if I or D are not going to be around?  at least they can have fun with the “Family”.

W T F??!??

Not like Im not home on Vaca all week.  Trying to enjoy time off and cook (mmm EggNog bread) and try preparing for T-day a bit in advance.

I was actually happy I had to spend my vaca day (today) working (yes, yea I can work from home) so I couldnt think about the conversation I had (read argument with DL and saying NO to Dad about the damn House) the night before.

I used to love the holidays and now I just want to move.

AWAY from family.

Alaska is sounding better and better each passing year…


  1. Families can be difficult especially when they don't take everyone's needs into consideration. But moving away doesn't help. You just feel guilty for not going to see everyone. Sigh. Wish I had the answers!

  2. Amen, sista! I can usually handle Thanksgiving. It's when Christmas comes along and the divorced in-laws start their nonsense that I begin losing it.

  3. Oh boy, that always is the case with my family - I love my sisters, but sometimes it is hard to all mesh with what we think and we are all opinionated...throw a mom in the mix trying to make it all smooth...I always walk away guilty 'cuz someone is always not as happy as they could be. Hope you can enjoy Thanksgiving and surround yourself with things that make you happy!