Sunday, November 21, 2010


The turkey is in the brine!  Frozen and thawing.  Im planning on cooking it Wed so its not hogging oven time from other dishes.  I hope its thawed by then.  I read its how Alton brines his birds, so here’s to hoping it works for me too.

I so scored today.  Got a 23lb bird (Butterball as per request), and got enough groceries for another bird for free (store brand), 16lb.  Both will be cooked this week and with luck I wont have to cook meat for a while.

Soups, casseroles and sandwiches galore!

While searching for my Holiday recipes I found the Egg Nog bread and pumpkin cookie recipes.  I made sure I got the items needed to make those this week – my house is going to smell so good!

I have stitch updates – actual pictures!!

Mother Maya – I have a goal for Nov, to see how much I can complete the box motif.  It holds a monkey and shouldnt (famous last word) be too complicated to finish.  I am thankful the border lined up on the first try.  Maybe its making up for the trouble the eagle motif caused?

Mother Maya 11-21-10

Quaker Stocking – Not too much added but a finished motif (dk green on lower right) and a couple letters this week (E & F). 

Quaker Stocking 11-21-10 

I also worked on LOTR Map but only added a length of thread so no pic.

Bit by bit and projects will be completed.

Until tomorrow – Happy stitching :o)


  1. Your Quaker stocking is looking good. Love the colours.

    Mother Maya is gorgeous!

  2. Oh man, I loves me some turkey sammiches! Great score on the free bird!