Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today was a much better day.  Not sure if its cause I was able to vent yesterday (thank you) or that school is closed for the boys (can still get excited when school closes) or a mix of both.  Other than working (yup, another vaca day down the drain) I spent the day just being.

Boys were out of school thx to freezing temps turning the rain from the day before into ice (and black ice) and a light dusting of snow.  P spent the day switching between homework projects and playing games and DL and I battled over control of the remote in the main room.

Lilith so helped with the chilling out today.  She was a total goofball, playing with a tab from a gallon of milk lid.  That was a toy to toss up carry around and meow as loud as she could.  That is until P found three mice, bell ball and butterfly toy under the treadmill and dragged them out.  I think she has pushed some back under.  What is it about cats and tight places to push things?


As much as I wanted to cook the bird tomorrow I just dont think thats gonna happen.  It has no want to thaw!  So rude.  So I may try and work on other dishes that can easily be premade tomorrow, but other than quick breads and cookies I may be stuck doing all the main stuff on Thursday.

I do need to get back to the store for the french onions needed for the bean casserole (such a must have).

Hoping the weather is happy tomorrow and I can get to the store for those last minute things (and before they are gone!)

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