Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Titles

Ive had my blog for almost 4 years and have used the same title for that whole time, dont ever plan on changing it.  It fits with who I am.

Now Steven Tyler came out with a book with the same name as my blog.

Question is: I wonder how many people search for info on his book and find my blog?

If you are one of those people, Hi!

Orange is not one of my favorite colors except during fall when trees and shrubbery are changing colors.  Today I saw it in spades, everywhere and beautiful.  The trees downtown are practically leaf free and it makes the lights that much easier to see.

We got an early Christmas present for the family, Xbox Kinect.  We all tried out Dance Central tonight, each taking a turn learning dance steps to Lady Gaga's Poker Face.  D went all the way to hard level.  D and I are waiting for the Zumba game to come out.  We have enjoyed the classes and hope the game is similar.

Daylight Savings – For those of you who have to, tonight’s the night to Fall Back!

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  1. Wow, Rachel, that was so great of Steven Tyler to promote your blog for you. ;) I'm glad you're not changing it, and no, the noise in your head does not bother me. Enjoy your dance games, I can think of a few friends who are obsessed with Zumba, and would be thrilled to have a game to use at home!