Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Froggy Kind of Day

I started off my day playing Kingdom of Keflings on the Xbox and that totally swallowed up 4 hrs of my life in nothing flat.  Just amazing how time speeds up when you get involved in anything.

After forcing myself to put the controller down I got my tuckus moving and got my errands completed (forgot milk…) got back home, watched CSI: Miami (does David Caruso have a bar stuck in his neck so he cant straighten up?), played Dance Central and FINALLY got to stitching.

Seems everything Ive touched had corrections that needed to be made.  And at least one that I didnt see the correction, added a bunch of x’s that now get to be removed (at another time).  That one is now grounded and I moved on to try and have fun.

Projects Ive touched today

BBD Anniversary house #1 & #5 (#1 is the grounded project (darn bird)

Nora Corbett Holly Pixie (which has a bunch of “fixes to be made”)

Hope tomorrow’s projects fare better.

No pictures yet, need to show some sort of addition to projects other than ripping and catching up :P

Tomorrow Im going to try and get a jump on the weekend and get the shopping done a day early.  Will see if I can leave my Keflings alone in the morning :)

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  1. Good luck with leaving the games alone so you can stitch. :) I do hope those drated frogs stay away for a while. But please don't send them to my house. I have way too much to get done. :)