Monday, October 4, 2010

Still blah

Im still feeling like crud warmed over (now there’s a picture for you) and will be heading off to bed where I will contemplate staying there for a couple of days (and being thankful I can work from home).

I was smart this evening and ordered pizza – cooking just was not in my wants of doing tonight.

Going through the list of blog posts to read I found this one, A pic, a post on the Celtic Lady SAL by Kate.  I never thought of changing the words, and it makes complete sense!  I cant wait to see how she does the changes on Autumn (to Samhain).

I was so moved that I pulled my Autumn out and added some x’s to her.  Well to be truthful she was pulled out this morning but I determined there were too many changes where I was at and not train material.  I dont have an updated pic but will leave an older one, which hasnt changed much.

Celtic Autumn 11-7-09

I also pulled out Mother Maya (Ink Circles) during lunch and started frogging.  I noticed an issue last week and decided not to deal with it then but lunch today was a good time for it.  So, I frogged what I needed to and stitched it back (correctly, triple checked constantly) and I good to go for the next time its pulled out for play time.

Mother Maya 7-2-10

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  1. Nice progress on the WIPs.
    I've been seeing the Celtic ladies showing up a lot recently. Maybe I should stitch one...hmm...