Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not a single x

was crossed today.  Im still feeling blah and basically sat around.  Laundry and dinner was accomplished but so was much sleeping in my office chair (bed was out due to laundry)

I also spent my down-time day adding more blogs to my ever growing read list as well as looking for much needed slow cooker recipes.  Was able to get a few from A Year of Slow Cooking that I hope to put to the family test.  At least away from meat,  potatoes and carrots with gravy.  Not that Ive had complaints yet.

Did find a couple recipes for turkey, ham and dressing – perfect for Thanksgiving.  Anything’s better than cooking all. day. long. only to have the meal done and over in 15 min (yup, that happened last year and I spent the next day with feet so sore!

One last thing to finish today – season ender of the Glades.

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