Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And so it begins

The cold and flu season.  And this year Im starting it!  The blah Ive had has now settled in my head and chest (oh yea). 

And like a good mom who likes to show how to share, Ive shared with P.  Will be watching/seeing how he does this week, thankful there are only two school days remaining and he can have a long weekend to rest up.

I myself stayed home to rest, was glad I did.  Although I did have to battle for a small part of the bed.  Loki, small though he may be, can be a total bed hog.

And not a single x added to anything today.  I had hoped I would get to Celtic Autumn again but just wasnt meant to be. 

Did get some shopping done (as nothing was done this weekend).  Included a pork tenderloin that will be crock potting tomorrow with my normal gravy mix, red potatoes and baby carrots.  Got D’s mouth watering already :P

I also spent a bit of time looking through more crock pot recipes for dishes other than meat roasts.  Sure they are easy but meat, potatoes and carrots cannot be had every day!

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