Sunday, October 10, 2010


Oh say it aint so!  Organization just seems like so much work!  But its exactly what I was stuck doing most of yesterday.  We purchased shelves for the bedroom from Ikea and I set to cleanup the monstrosity that was my stash corner (I just knew that when left on its own, stash would just multiply on its own!).  Im not yet done but my back called it quits.  I will be back (haha) at it tomorrow, spending my day off on organizing…

Sure this is a great opportunity for me to get all my magazines and charts in one place, put floss bobbins that I am done with away, find all the finished projects and put them in the same spot (hey I found Sunflower house!  Now I can finish the inside of the flowers and call it Finished!) and NOT have an eye sore in the bedroom – but what fun is that?

The duo of chaos are loving the new cubbies and easier access to the windows – we do try and keep them amused.

I wasnt able to get too many x’s in this weekend.  Much traveling done yesterday and I found it much difficult to stitch on 40ct in a truck (Pumpkins Three).  Did a bit better on 36 (Mother Maya - although not too much better).  Today with more travelling I was able to get more added on yet another project (Celtic Banner) 32ct :oP  This morning I braved working on Celtic Autumn, 28ct, at home while waiting to leave for more traveling.  Thats four touched this weekend and a good range of counts accounted for.

I did have some stitchy stash fun today – A&T had their annual Open House today and I was able to pick up Ink Circle’s Masquerade and Hodgepodge Cottage’s Halloween Flags.

Ive spent some of my evening today looking through Vicky Clayton’s site for silks to use on Masquerade.  I also found she is dying fabric again – uneavenweave 36/40ct.  I may pick out a color to be created and see if I can get it.

So, no new pics from this weekend.  Im just too lazy to get up and do them.

Well off to bed – Loki is whining that Im taking too long.  Goofball.  Not like he joins me right away either.  He waits til the Man Of The House is a sleep before braving the jump on the bed.  Any sooner and he gets the boot :op

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  1. do show us pics of your organizational efforts when you're done!