Saturday, October 2, 2010

Now where’d I put that cape…

Call me the hero of the hour or really day.

Frantic call from my sister with issues. Her dh is out of town as are our parents and would/could I play taxi for niece #1 as she (sis who also coaches) had 2 games with niece #2 and of course they are at different fields and start close to the same time (cause the gods love seeing how we can split and be at multiple places at the same time)

Being the smart person I am I also offered to take the nephew (child #3 and youngest of that family).  As amusing as it would be to see her deal with niece #2’s soccer team, the games and him, I would not be there to see everything go down (priorities you know).

I had DL and between the two of us the nephew was kept busy during niece #1's game

For those who want to know scores, niece #1 was a tie and they dont keep score for niece #2’s age groups.  Grass stains scored and won against the nephew.

Later in the day found that I wasnt the only parent in the house to be a hero.  D found the problems with the Playstation3 AND Xbox and was promptly booted out of the room for his troubles while DL took over (see where gratitude gets you?)

My reward for my heroism is coming down with whatever flu/stomach bug is out there and D’s reward is putting up with me.

Not what I call a win/win

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