Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My nightly date

DL has a class project which he has to look at what stage the moon is at every night and draw that and write about it in a journal.  So I made an “date” with him for every night at 7pm to go outside and look at the moon.

We also take time out to see what else is visible and where.  I was hoping he would also add that to his journal but he’s still at the minimal stage (“thats all the teacher asked for mom!”)

We use the Star Walk app I have on my iphone  to see names of stars and where planets are.  We can currently see Jupiter and Uranus (together they are a very bright orb), Altair and Vega.  DL claims he can see Neptune, I have to take his word and use of much younger eyes to see :o)

Im going to see if we can continue this date after the class project is done.

Tonight’s Tea selection came from Republic of Tea, Acai Green tea.  I love this brand, every cup always smells so good!  I also have Pomegranate Green Tea and Winter Fruit Blend.  The Winter Fruit is a loose leaf and smells like the holidays.  The first two are part of the Superfruit Tea collection and in bags.

Things are still not looking up on the health front.  My temp is finally (?) starting to join in on the bandwagon.  So tomorrow Im heading into the Dr.  Only reason I didnt today was cause I was feeling better earlier (of course).  But ear stuffiness just wont leave me alone, even though the headaches will for a while.  Bugger…

Tomorrow I need to look for penguin charts as I found out I have another friend who loves them.  I have a chart I want to do, Stoney Creek has a penguin globe and it would be perfect for a gift.  Just need to find the chart I bought as a gift last year and get it for myself (which I knew I should have done back then – hindsight issues!)

Well off to another date with my pillow

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  1. How fun that you and DL go moon watching.
    Sorry to hear the health is still problematic. Hope the Doc helps.