Friday, September 24, 2010

I see stars

Star Walk is one of the best apps Ive played with since I got my iphone!  Once it finds your location you can use it to locate anything in the sky (or on the opposite side of the planet).


Had a great evening, went to a new coffee house, Insomnia Coffee, for a friend of D who was performing.  It was a great evening and they have good coffee – not the Starbucks burnt taste. 

I did go WIP diving for my next train project as I needed one for today and came up with Celtic Banner. 

Celtic Banner 1-1-09 Its been a while since I worked this, The lettering needs to be removed as I used the wrong color and dont have enough of the same dye-lot to finish.  I chose the green for my initials but somehow when I started that flew out of my brain.  I can work on the border on the train easy peasy.

What I need to stop doing is look for ways to make my initials different when working on ANYTHING with an alphabet.  Yes with some it can be nice but its not something that I always have to do.  I do need to work on a nice way to stitch my initials on projects, just not picking out parts of the alphabet (which face it, wont be in correct order anyway)