Sunday, October 24, 2010

More bedroom updating


We went to Ikea again and purchased a new bed frame and shelving (which matches the bookcases we got last month). The bedroom is looking more grownup than college dorm toss outs.  The bed is now at least twice as high as it was, we kept the box spring with the mattress.  I have to climb up and into bed.



We also paused by Bed, Bath & Beyond to update the comforter. Gone the old blue Nautica and in with a beautiful rich red Egyptian cotton one that matches the sheets and looks fabulous with the black/brown of the bedroom furniture.



imageAlso at Bed, Bath & Beyond we picked up one of those single shot coffee makers.  We also got an assortment of flavors to test out and with some tweaking it makes a good cup!  The chai is ok. Too watered down if I make a 12oz cup but yummy with 10oz




Took the boys swimming today, celebrating nieces & nephew's bdays all in one big blast. Sis took pity on me and I didn't have to jump in. Didnt think it was a smart idea when I'm trying to beat this damn cold.

On stitchy stuff – I actually added x’s to a project!  Ive been working on an ornament I started last year but lost interest in.  Its the 2007 Merry Xmas by Brightneedle from the 2007 JCS Ornament issue. I dont have pics yet, it shouldnt take me much longer (oh those famous last words!) to finish this up and I will share then. 

I was able to sneak by A&T to get more fabric for ornaments for me.  I also spent some time and picked out a few to work on.  I will share which ones when I work on them cause if I share now I know minds will be changed :oP

Off to climb the mountain and go to sleep.

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