Monday, October 25, 2010


So when creating blog posts, how do you create yours?  So its visually appealing only on the blog or a blog Reader or pull your hair out and work it for both?  Personally, I work to make it appealing for those who visit my blog and try to make sure its not a complete disaster  when viewed through Reader.

So if you are reading a post of mine in Reader and it looks like a jumbled mess, check out the actual blog and see if its any better :oP

Parent/Teacher Conf for P were tonight.  *sigh, I believe I now have a teenager in my house.  The grades arent great but not horrid either and we have time to get them back up before end of the semester. 

Yes, We.  Both kids are now required to show me finished homework and planners for me to sign before they can do anything else that night.  Anything missing (“I forgot “blank” at school”) means they dont get anything extra (TV, Movies) after finishing homework that night.  Weekend gaming depends if they had nothing missed during the week.

While I hate cracking the whip this hard, I know it will pay off later.

I havent been able to get much stitching accomplished.  Hoping for better chances to x’s to any projects tomorrow.