Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dust bunnies and other household rodents

image Well, I believe our vacuum cleaner of 3 years is a gonner.  We’ve done all we can to keep it going, changing filters, emptying the canister when red lights blink, not running over the cord, but there is just no more pickup left in it.

It sucks (not sure if pun is intended) that house appliances are as puny as they are these days.  Not like I have spare change burning holes in my pockets to keep replacing them.

In other rodent news, Lillith Saintcrow has another entry in her Squirrel!Neo saga.  Im finding myself waiting eagerly for the next installment and then make sure I have the time to read slowly (hard for me to do) so I dont miss anything.

On the wellness front Im feeling better, but definitely have head cold issues.  Finding that using a neti pot at least daily is helping keep stuffy nose at bay.  Just wish it would do the same with the pain in my head :P

I was able to get x’s added today.  My celtic autumn lady has some hair.  No other body part so it looks like a very poor floating wig.  Will be posting pic updates soon.


  1. I've had a Kenmore Progressive canister vac for longer than three years! (Three!) Everyone in my family uses one. (That's six if you're counting._ It doesn't have "ball" or "wind tunnel" or "Root cyclone" technology but you don't have to mortgage your house to buy one either, and it sucks.

  2. Isn't it funny that 30 years ago appliances lasted "forever" and could be repaired for next to nothing? Such a disposable society we live in. I hope your new vac really sucks!

    Glad to know you are feeling better, dear!

  3. To continue your rodent theme - our long, low vacuum cleaner is fondly referred to as "The Rat" (I know not why - it just is!)