Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seeing clearer

P’s getting glasses.  Got him in to see an eye Dr after him commenting it was hard to see the writing on the boards at school. 

It was just a matter of time for this to happen.  Both me and his dad had glasses about his age, both near-sighted and now we’ve done our part and passed that down the DNA chain :P

So after 45 min and eye dilatation (so no more questions about how it feels!  woot!) he picked out smart frames which we get to pick up sometime next week.

DL and I go in for our checkups in a couple weeks.  Im fully expecting to get glasses again (had Lasik but thx to darn aging and all that its changing again).  Not sure about DL except having a baseline to work from.

Vacuum news – Ive decided to go with the Eureka AirSpeed.  Unfortunately the only place I can read reviews is on  Eureka made a deal with Walmart (or the devil – how ever you like to see it) and Walmart is the only place that sells this model.

image Cant tell if all the “My Dyson stinks and doesnt suck but my new AirSpeed sucks much better” are really true.  Big deal for me is its $120 compared to $250 (Dyson at Costco prices) and so doable for me.

I am getting the giggles from all the suck comments.  Thx for the smiles through out today.

Our first vacuum was a wonderful old hover upright that ran for a good 30 years or so before it finally sucked no more (obviously others had it before D and I did).  I was so spoiled!  Next one would still work if I could just find bags for it.  So thats a thx to the company for not allowing that to suck any more :P

The current vacuum that no longer sucks is a Euro-Pro NV31 Infinity.  Sure its bright red, striking and nice to look at (for a vacuum) but the motor causes it not to suck.  Thats my warning to the world.

Stitching – Nothing today.  And I mean nothing, not an x added to anything.  Darn sinus headache makes looking at little holes painful.  I am trying to find what I can do (or take) that thwarts the pain – or at least tricks it so I can stitch.  No heavy sinus meds as all I currently have is the headache and not the stuffy nose or other fun things that come in tandem with a cold (thank god)

Tomorrow – boys and I have a day off.  Will definitely be sleeping in.  Visit to A&T may be in order with a pause at Human Bean (mmm Granita!) and lunch with D.  And hopefully getting some x’s added to something…


  1. Rachel, I need you to email me!

  2. we had to buy a new vacumn this year - and paying for something that shows you how much your old one doesn't pick up sucks!! But, the alternative of that being on my floor forever is not an option! Good luck with the eye exam.