Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well I did part of what I set out to do this weekend and winterizing the outside of the house, or at least basic yard maintenance.  Lawn is mowed, weeds whacked and bushes trimmed if not completely cut down.  Totally hoping its the last major outing needed for this year (too much to hope for?).

I forgot to take allergy meds before hitting the brave outdoors and am now paying for it with extremely itchy eyes, filling sinuses and sneezing my head off.  I just need to get used to the fact the outdoors is trying to kill me and remember to medicate before going out to play.

P did a lot of work, and we have more tomorrow as gutters still need to be cleaned out.  DL helped mow the back yard.  Still doesnt have the oomph to push the power mower but he did pretty good for what he did do.  Then his “hands couldnt take it any more” (his words not mine) and I finished the last little bit.  Total team effort! :o)

Stitch updates – I actually have some pictures to share!  I know, Im beside myself too :P

Celtic Banner – Just a bit added to the border.  Im using called for thread for the boarder.  May pull out Pine Forest and use Storm Clouds (which is what I planned on except for my initials)

Celtic Banner 9-25-10

Three Gables – Almost done with the easy stuff and this will be staying as a home project.

Three Gables 9-25-10 

Love Bunnies – Finished the bunnies and now working on grass.Love Bunnies 9-25-10


Flying Monkeys – Still working on the lettersFlying Monkeys 9-25-10


That is all for now – off to see how much else I can add to the bunnies before crawling into bed.


  1. All of your projects are coming along really well! I really love the bunnies!

  2. Great progress on all your WIPs.