Friday, September 17, 2010

Piece of mind

What is it about the act of writing (or typing) something that is really bugging you (or pissing you off, wanting your own little room to just have a tantrum in) that is so – therapeutic?

Had such a moment about the boys and school.  Got it all out and I may or may not post it.  Names of those involved were not included but just not sure if the blogisphere needs that particular rant.

Books – Thanks to those who offered to help me get new books.  Personally if you like it and think others might, feel free to send me the author and title and I will give it a spin.  Im always in the mood for a good yarn.

I generally use Amazon to get recommendations (I keep owned books updated in their database) as well as new books that look good (yes I do judge by covers) and see if my library can get it for me.  If the library doesnt have it, it gets placed into a list (can get long at times) in my phone so I can check out the book stores.

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