Thursday, September 16, 2010

Books and a Dragon

First thing, thank you for comments about P.  We are taking it slow, as all muscle injuries pretty much suck and can take a while to heal.  His backpack is just about has heavy as mine (I lug a computer and stitching project (or 3) and a book to and from work).  Thankfully Ive got a rolly back pack I use for travel and he will use that while healing.  Best I can do for him while he’s out of my care.

Lordy I am so waiting for the weather to get COOL. We got rain but it's stayed in the mid 70's and so muggy I feel damp on everything stepping outside. Sure doesn't look warm with the grey clouds, wind and rain.

I placed hold on a ton of books and forgot to stagger them (did get smarter towards the end of my requesting) and now have a couple armloads to get through over the next three weeks. I tried to get the just of Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh but just can't get pulled into the story. Drives me nuts as I would love to get (pulled in by) some of the well known sci-fi writers. I just finished reading Blood Song By Cat Adams (Really a combo of C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp).  It was fun, a bit jumbled in places that made it interesting to follow along but a good read.

Ok while in Seattle we went to the science fiction museum and I got a good list of books that looked and sounded interesting.  My question is who's likes caused these books to be chosen over others in the collection?  Im questioning the selections part to them being placed in the permanent exhibit.  Reason for my question is that my library system did not have a good 1/2 of the books and of the ones they did have, they are not grabbing and tossing me in the story as I would have hoped.

And imho the Robert Heinlein section was not big enough!

Stitching stuff!

I pulled out another old WIP, Dragon of Fire and have added a few x’s.  While I dont have a recent pic I have an older one, not many changes have been made since then, maybe 20 added x’s here and there so far.

dragon of fire 7-26-09 (2) Looking at the dates of pictures, this little guy hasnt been worked on in over a year – I think a bit of love is long over due.

Have a wonderful weekend of stitching happening this weekend with the every-other month gathering at my friend Vicki.  A good 25 odd (and a good word choice there :op) gals get together at her house, oh and ah over finishes since the last gathering, eat lots of munchies and giggle and stitch the weekend away.  Good chance this one could be finished before the weekend is done!  Only when Im stitching ornies have I gotten multiple projects done in a week – wish him luck :o)


  1. I don't know the exact books recommended by the Science Fiction Museum, but I suppose they are older classics like Fritz Leiber, Fredrick Brown, Chad Oliver, or others. They probably would be hard to find in a local library, though they are the basis for so many subsequent stories. That does not make them well written, though, and they are very dated in parts. If you could list some books that you do like, then possibly I can steer you to some books that you might also like. I tend to be stronger with hard science fiction, but I do read some fantasy such as George R. R. Martin. Have you checked out the recent Hugo fiction winners? They are probably available from local libraries, especially Martin, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Charles Stross.

  2. FWIW - I couldn't get through the Foreigner either. I can probably help with recommendations as well, if you need 'em.