Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting back on track

If working out can make you feel good about yourself, why do we stop?

Well after taking a month off I finally got off my keester and worked out.  I held out until today (Sat) as Im not sure how much the bod will let me know its not happy. Gives me the weekend to get things understood between me and my bod.  Felt good all the same.

I really dont have any good excuses, just didnt want to get up so early and I know I wont workout after getting home from work (I come up with reeeally good reasons not to all the time).  So Im taking back control and getting up early to work out. 

While I was on a workout vaca I was able to maintain my weight lost but so not the inches.  I was refusing to look at the tape but could so feel it in how my clothes were starting to feel until today.  Sad news – 5 inches overall back on. ACK!!  Thats more motivation to get up and work out than the lbs!


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