Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gearing up for some fun!

Winter to be colder, wetter than normal

At least I got a warning.  Good thing Ive already planned to have a get ready for winter party with the minions this weekend.  Planning on clearing off the moss from the roof, cleaning out gutters, mowing grass (if the rain holds off) and weeding.

Now that school is back in session and the Mom-Taxi is back in service, more this year than last it seems, getting dinner accomplished quickly and with little or no prep is going to be key for me.  While shopping last weekend I kept my eye out on items I can stuff in the crock pot.  Beef (of course) but also saw turkey breast and tenderloin as well as pork tenderloin that Im sure I can create a gravy for.  And keep all the left-overs for making stew on the weekends - gees my mouth is already watering!  Now to clear out my freezer for stews we dont eat right away.

I bought bunches of cranberries last year in preparation of baking a lot this spring and summer, those are still in the freezer so I need to get cracking on sauces and breads.

I had to go to Powells and get a book for P (school) and cant believe I made it out without looking at any books!  Has to be a first as its just plain wrong, going in a warehouse full of books and not stop?  I have to admit it did help that I paused at the library to pick up holds (can there be such a thing as library stash? – New Phrase!) so I have more than enough to get me by the next few weeks (or until I go on another hold frenzy, which got me in the trouble I have today with 10+ books to inhale).  But I do admit I feel a bit out of sorts cause I didnt look at any in Powells.

Im still working on three projects and have no pic updates to show,  Three Gables, Bunnies Galore and Flying Monkeys.  Getting closer to more finishes for the last two.  Three Gables is quickly getting to the point where I have to find another train project.  Whats left takes more concentration and thread changes than I really want to attempt on the train.  May need to WIP dive this weekend and find a couple contenders.

Well off to see how many x’s I can add to any project before heading off to bed

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  1. No question that Three Gables has a TON of confetti stitching towards the bottom. It is pretty, though. I saw one stitched yesterday with a silver witch charm stitched in the carport between the house and the broom garage.