Sunday, September 19, 2010

I see dragons

I made it 2 days in a row for working out.  Cats woke me up at 6-ish this morning (big offense when it happens on the weekend let me tell you) and then I couldnt get back to sleep so decided I might as well get on with it and turned the treadmill on.

My legs are a bit sore from yesterdays workout. I say they are a bit upset with being made to work, D says maybe its their way of telling me they are happy I'm am making them work.  Either way, its a bit harder to get around today.  Im glad I chose to only walk and not do 30 day shred again today.

On to stitchy stuff as I have another finish…

A second finish for the month!  Meet Dragon of Fire by Dragon Dreams

Dragon of Fire 9-18-10 FinishThis one missed being entered into my journal so I dont have a specific start date but close enough.  What Im missing is the fabric.  32ct, linen and orange is all I can get.  Hoping if/when I clean off my desk a tag will magically appear with the info I need to have a complete journal entry.

I did start Dragon of Earth Sat night (like I need ANOTHER start) and like the orange, its missing its tag as well as any entry.  I did start this back in 2009 (according to blog archive but had to rip it all out) but the journal has nothing.

While searching in my stash yesterday, getting ready for stitching with friends, I found Flying Monkeys!  The chart was a gift from Sonda and it had hidden itself well.  Here is a pic from way back when and nothing had been added since – Until now! 


Who knows it may be my third finish for Sept 2010 :o)


  1. Cute finish!
    Mine's languishing in a drawer somewhere. Maybe I should get back to it...