Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a day

It started out so normal and all it takes is that phone call.  Moms know of what phone call Im meaning.  I got such a one from P, before lunch today.  Nothing too major but we did get to spend a good part of the early afternoon in ER.

P had pain in his left chest and left shoulder – never good.  So after a call to his Dr, we went off to the ER for him to get checked out.  Turns out his heart is in great condition, no issues with his back, ribs (other than being concaved on the left side – which we know about), heart and lungs normal.  Yea!  So with additional chest x-rays for this year (all part of the left side issue) we now have a base line EKG for him.  As his left shoulder is still hurting, we (Drs included) think its something to do with muscles in his shoulder rather than heart or lungs.  So treatment for now is ibuprofen and go back if anything worsens.

So as we were both starved ( I was mean and didnt let him eat or drink anything as I knew we were going to visit ER) we went shopping!  Came home with 5-cheese lasagna, garlic bread AND caesar salad.  It was a great meal had by all.  I may even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow :oP

With my energy spent, Im off to bed :)


  1. Glad to hear it was nothing serious. I had the same thing happen to my DH last month. He woke up with severve pains in his chest thought he was having a heart attack. I took him to ER and they ran all test even put him on the treadmill said that his heart is GREAT which was good news to us cause history of heart problems run in his family.

    Anyway docs determined it was a strained muscel under his rib/near his lung which was causing his distress. Pain releiver and a heating pad/ Ice pack Good as new 6 weeks later :)

    Take care

  2. glad to hear you didn't have major issues at the er - and you got a good meal to boot...weekend is almost here!