Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Its one of those days

Its a bunch of pondering and rambling thoughts today…

Free?  Ok people. There are time where putting furniture that should have been put down three life-times ago just should not be placed at the curb (or edge on lawn in this case) with a free sign on it.  I have a neighbor with such a “piece”.  This one is so bad I cant think of anyone who would actually take it to really use (large tape on one arm and along the side to keep stuffing in and I dont think it could be sat on without falling through).  Im waiting for someone (more like a group of someones) to dismantle and string it all over the street.

Im playing with new makeup thx to D. He liked the 'new' smoky eyes portrayed by Drew Barrymore in Cover Girl commercials so I went out and got some.  Its always fun to play around with make-up, be someone different for a bit or find a new way of coloring the face.

Finally finished watching "Bounty Hunter" with Gerard Butler (yumm) and Jennifer Aniston.  My rating?  Meh.  Yes there were some funny parts but it was a lackluster film.  Of course I basically watched it for Gerard (yum again!) and suppose I could watch it again, muted :P

Finally tried pretzel M&Ms, Oh My what a wonderful sweet/salty snack those are!

So ready for summer to END!!  The dog days of august are truly barking loud as temps soar in pdx not to mention how crazy they seem to vary. Yesterday was in the high 70s today and tomorrow are in the 90s and we finish off the week supposedly back low 70s and rainy!  MAX is barely able to keep up with the demands (ac is on but so far heat from outside and from the press of bodies crammed in for the rush home is winning).

I can't wait for the school year to start back up so I'm not stuck in the evening rush.

I would/could have gone on but the train ride is only so long (lol).  No stitching to share today, not able to on the train and lunch was quick.  Tonight I just vegged until I got a call of help from work (darn servers and their need for 5 sec naps!)

So Im off to bed to prepare the noggin for a fun filled Wed.

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