Monday, August 23, 2010

More Words!

I was hoping I would get more posts in the month of August but failed spectacularly.  I need to get into the practice of writing (read type) down my thoughts for blogging. I had such good ones last week and while trying to find a good way to pull them out of my head, I lost them.  Thankfully since then I found out to get to my gmail drafts from my iPhone and here we are!  Now to keep the wacky version of iPhone spell-check from completely messing up my eclectic way of "speaking"

I had a great week last week but didn't really know it until checking in with ms ratchet-scale. 2.2 lbs gone!!  Inches are slowly getting back to what they were before my trip to Cincinnati.  I'm more happy about the lbs than the slow tape

Now for some long over-due show and tell!

Cirque de Cercles - still loving lakeside's Kermit. And glad I have more to play with. Just need to find the right project

CDC 8-15-10
Bbd January house - lots of blends on this one which is making it very unfriendly for train stitching

BBD Snow Garden 8-23-10
Bbd May house - this is my new train stitch project, so far. Doesn't seem to have as many blends.

BBD Farm House 8-23-10
Fabric - caught again by Shannon (she helped with the CDC colors)with some help from P!  Sparrow b7 Linens by Design.  It is a wonderful shade and I'm afraid the camera doesn't do it justice. It's much different from past dye lots and more vibrant at 28ct than 32.  Will have to wait and see what projects sing with it.  And since its a color P likes the project will most likely be for him.

Linen by Designs - Sparrow

Well Im off to bed.  Have a date with a workout dvd and possibly a second with the treadmill, early!


  1. Love the green fabric for circles. I am wondering what fabric you used for the January house. It's the only one I haven't done because I can't find fabric that goes with the floss.

  2. Both the green and the brown fabrics are gorgeous!

    Love the BBD piece. I haven't started mine yet. :) One of these days. :)

  3. Love that brown fabric...and CdC looks good so far...enjoy your workout!

  4. CdC looks amazing! Great colour combo.
    Cute BBD piece.