Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am late in adding my coppers to this question but it is a good one to ask, even to ones self.

Lee asked this in July

Stitching is an activity that tends to be solitary.  Sometimes I wonder if we choose stitching because we are more comfortable with pursuits that we do alone, or does our stitching cause us to be loners?  So what do you think?

My answer

A bit into my background.  I am a loner and pretty much have always been quite comfortable with that fact.  I will remove myself from a group if Im not enjoying myself, Life is too short .  I make sure never to lose my own arguments and have promised myself to get checked out if that ever happens.  So far so good.

When I got back into stitching 3 years ago, I really didnt have any friends outside work.  Just hung out with the boys and Man of the house and was content.  Getting back in brought a good friend back into my life and along with her, lots of new friends.

What brought me to finally answer this question is getting home from a fun evening at one of those friends stitching with yet more friends of all ages.  We come from pretty much all sides of life and I could not, would not change it (them) for anything.  Everyone has their niche of stitching, life references, and knowledge.  Its wonderful to get a group together as you never know where conversations will take you or what finishes will be brought to oh and ah over or that one piece someone started that you now have to kit up for yourself.

So to really answer – Stitching while comfortable to do alone can be great fun when in a group.


  1. I think that is the best answer to Lee's question I've seen posted and one I can whole heartedly relate to. Except I call myself a hermit, not a loner. LOL

  2. I'm with you, Rachel. I enjoy stitching alone. I enjoy stitching while listening to audio books with my boys. I enjoy the ladies that I have met thru stitching and feel blessed to have met people that otherwise I may never have gotten to know.