Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wait for it…

I have pictures today!!  I got smart and took them this morning when I had a free moment and the oomph.

BBD Snow Garden

BBD Snow Garden 7-14-10

LHN Neighborhood

Neighborhood 7-14-10

CHS Quaker Stocking

Quaker Stocking 7-14-10

Loki – He is a WIP!!  (lol)P1010713

Trying hard to fit in a tiny box


  1. Great WIP's, I especially love Snow Garden.

    My cat once tried to get into a cracker box. This was the same cat who could barely squeeze his butt through the cat door before I put him on low-fat kitty food!

  2. His latest achievement is falling into a box that held an office chair. He's too small to jump out and needs help. He does provide lots of cheep entertainment :)

  3. Your kitty is too funny!

    Great multiple WIP....