Monday, July 12, 2010

The evening that went astray

Strange word astray.  Just looks funny, sounds funny.  Like oven.  Go ahead and say it over and over. 

See, its happened again.  Astray Ive gone.

Ive been at odds lately.  Been meaning to get pictures taken and posted of what Ive been playing with.  BBD Snow Garden has been placed on vacation, I needed a break.  I picked up another fun stitch, Carriage House Quaker Stocking (still have to watch spelling on quaker and not make a duck out of it).  I spent Friday evening and colored my working chart so I could see what colors I wanted where.  I think I have it down and love how it is currently coming together.  I have two shades of green along with a med-shade of pink (which you could see if I hadnt been led astray).  So far, unstitched I like the color combo but not sure about the pink actually stitched.  Im close to a pink spot and should make a better decision soon.

What the excuse is tonight is Blogger, followers, giveaways and Google Reader.

See I can add blogs I want to read (follow) to Google Reader.  I can also add folders so I can group types of blogs together (love playing with folders).  Then there is the follow feature in Blogger.  Google loves to help people and so they have a section in Google Reader that shows all the blogs you are Blogger-following in Reader.  So I had (yes – notice post tense) the majority of the blogs I read in both.  I dont like duplicates.  Makes thinks very messy (or can).  So I spent my evening following those I could in Blogger, moving others into folders in Reader that I could not follow, and removing blogs from either list that had either been deleted or gone inactive (where the problem duplicate areas were causing, well, problems).

Yes, with the number of blogs I follow, it took all night long :oP

So hopefully tomorrow I can tear myself away from watching the saddest episode of Deadliest Catch and take pictures to share with you.  That is if I can see through the tears.  (been waiting for this episode all season long, knowing what the outcome was and hating every minute of it.)

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  1. it was a sad episode...and will continue to be so without Phil. I agree, there are some words that are just funny. One of my fav words is "hence". Love the stitch progress - BBD by far my favorite of your pics...thanks for sharing.