Friday, July 30, 2010

Road Trip!

Road trip was to celebrate the 93rd birthday of a Great Aunt of mine (so Great-great to the kids?). Got on the road ok, pausing to get snacks. Most eventful item happened after lunch (or as, not sure which), a 12 car accident happened on the freeway after we pulled off. I believe it was with the same group of cars we had been with so by pulling off when we did could have saved us from being part of the pile up. Scary! Of course we didn't know anything except all the emergency vehicles racing by. Nice peeps at Starbucks told me what happened and wonderfully told me an alternate way to bypass the accident. Stories I heard during dinner was the backup was 12 miles or some such. Had couple relatives that left behind us get stuck in the parking lot of cars waiting to get through

We made it to the destination 2.5 hrs ahead of schedule and spent time at the local marina park. DL spent time looking at dead baby crabs floating in the surf and finding agates. He was trying to find shells, but I wasn't letting him bring any home. Now I have lots of rocks:p. Beautiful day to spend in a park by the water. On the fishing pier found a fisherman who caught a baby starfish. This one had 8 arms/legs. Again, after staying 2hrs in the sun, without lotion this time as I was not prepared, I have color. Not much that I can see but I can sure feel it on my face. Interested to see what I will look like tomorrow.

Thats all I have for the moment. No chance to get any x's crossed today. Did my best to keep eyes open for goofy drivers and seeing family.

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  1. Glad you all got there safe and sound! Sounds like a fun day.