Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More starts

The scale started moving! 2.2 lbs gone last week.  So happy!  Also more gone on the tape measure.  Of course I almost blew it by going out to lunch Monday (Thai) and having way too much salt and not drinking water like a fish to flush out the salt.

Today was a bit drastic.  Took a day off, woke up wonderfully late (6am is late for a weekday) still ate on plan, added iced coffee with milk (yum) and drank WATER.  Tomorrow getting back on the grind with 30-day shred and walking.

So what does this teach?  Eating out means lots of salt, more than I can handle.  So Im cutting out eating out.  Well, where I can.  Thai and Chinese are out specifically for now.

Other starts

Yes, I tease - no pictures yet.  I did get started on Cirque de Cercles and have a trial of two colors (got to make sure it looks good) and so far love the combo.  Im still thinking of getting my color pencils out and going to town as that really helped the thinking process on Quaker Stocking by seeing the “finished” product before it was completely stitched.

Oh and more charts!  I picked up another part of the PS alphabet (not starting on that yet), BBD house #6 and the wonderful October JCS ornie issue.

I am planning on having pictures posted soon.  Not sure when but soon :)


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for your comment. I see, you've gone through Tanglewood allready. And how beautiful it is!! I'm really looking forward to your Circle xes. Your colour choice looks great.

    I'm amazed at all the patterns you're working on. Wow, you must be seriously addicted. ;-))

  2. oops sorry, forgot to login before my comment. The one above (anonymous) is mine.

    Take care

  3. Your stitching looks lovely! Congrats on the weight loss! I bet you're feeling great!