Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fingers are burning

Got a couple new things.


 image   The new Iphone 4.  I was so ready to replace my HTC Tilt.  Im getting used to the all in one, phone and ipod.  Felt weird not carrying around my clunky 4 gen ipod but nice all the same, one less item to carry around.

Next   CDC 7-29-10 Toss that goes with this image The thread on the left is outline for all.  Middle is for center circles and right is for all other center circles.  Fabric is Lakeside Linen 36ct Vintage Lime Zest.  Cant wait to get started on it.

I do have other updates

Cirque des Carreaux

CDD 7-29-10 LHN Neighborhood

Neighborhood 7-29-10 That is all for updates now.  Tomorrow we are off to celebrate a great Aunt’s 93rd birthday and staying over with cousins we have not seen in a long time.  Then Sunday I may stitch at the county fair with a good friend and hopefully share the fun of stitching with new people.