Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is it really worth it?

A great question was posted on my Livestrong group "Why did you let yourself get that big?"  She also added why was it 2xx# when she finally snapped.

Great questions and motivating ones.  If you twist them around and ask the mirror (or alarm clock) every time the want to work out or eat right wavers and ask "Are you going to let yourself go today and if so is it really worth it?"  This is a question Ive been asking myself every time I hit snooze during the week.  Is it worth it getting up this early (4:45am for the first wakeup buzz), worth the first snaps, pops and groans getting dressed to sweat, worth the first pangs during warm up? 

The answer, so far this week has been grudgingly yes for when I first force myself out of bed and then you bet 1/2 way through the first workout while wiping sweat from my head.  My bod has been slow to respond but I feel good about myself and the new lifestyle Im making.  The bod will eventually give up it's hissy-fit and git-on-board.

One fun thing about working out to 30-day shred is Loki thinks that me doing push-ups means time to play and tries to catch my hair in his paws when Im moving down.  since I've been 4 days on the video he will come running to join.

Well Im off to get ready for another inner argument tomorrow morning that I will hopefully win again.

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