Monday, July 26, 2010

Copyright is not the right to copy

Does it seem to be a seasonal issue with stitchers stealing charts?  Or its that we seem to catch a rash of stitchers not doing right at these same times.

More designers are under attack of stitchers sharing charts via file sharing.  Think of this as the Napster version of the stitching world but with many less artists than the music world has as well as a much smaller piece of the pie.

Monique of My Mark Designs found one of her own charts up for grabs recently and did the math.

I have read blogs where the stitcher did the sleuthing and forwarded info to designers in question about sites offering their designs for free download.  And if it werent for those lurking for such sites I would love to know the site names so I could write letters of disgust and dismay to the owners.

During the past year I have been asked to send copies of charts Im working on to others.  This practice makes me sick.  I respond that if they truly want the chart they should purchase one for themselves and I dont share.

How better to show designers you enjoy their work if not to purchase the chart for stitching?

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  1. As someone whose just starting doing their own designs and has vague hopes of selling them I so agree with you.