Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Burn

for the second day I did 30=day Shred and a mile + on the treadmill.  I ended up the week up a bit on weight but down on inches.  Totals have been updated. 

Im hoping with my eating habits changed, watching more of the fat intake as well as the total calorie count will help more with the weight.  30 day shred is defiantly helping with inches lost – chest and hips this week.  Looking for more of that and waist for next week.

Goal for this week is 30-day shred in the mornings and will shoot for adding a mile or so on the treadmill afterwards.  If I cant walk in the morning I will add it after work.


Found another chart I just have to have (someday)

Alphablu 3 by Courtney Collection


Of course Im seeing this in shades of green instead of blue – just who I am :P

I pulled out Ink Circles Diamonds tonight and was able to go through two lengths of thread before life took hold.  I had grand plans of taking pics but that whole life thing…

Off to bed so I can kick myself out early and work out!

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  1. Remember inches mean more than weight!!! Good work!