Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its a Teenager!

At least now thats what I get to call the tall, gangly, deep-voiced, humanoid lurking around my house.  He stopped being a pre-teen for me as soon as he got taller than my eye-balls and that was last summer! 

P is 13 (t h i r t e e n!!) today.

And I still cant believe its been that long already.

Nothing special was had for dinner but we did have a Chocolate Extreme blizzard cake (mmm cake) from Dairy Queen.  Ok, not that there is any actual cake in the “cake” but it was very chocolaty.  D made us laugh throughout dinner and “cake”, taking candid shots of everyone.  Two more parties are planned for family and friends.  Much easier to work with when they are spread out and its like a month of celebrating.

Fit – I was good about resetting my alarm but missed a very important act before tossing my lot in with the sandman last night…  Setting the damned thing!  I woke up wondering why it was so bright in the bedroom, looked over and saw that it was 5:15.  So I took that as a sign I needed to take today as a rest day and slept 30 more min.  Tonight I will set the alarm so I can get up and walk tomorrow! 

Stitching – I was able to stitch both ways on the train today.  Its a greater achievement during the summer somehow.  Must be Im getting on an earlier train and cant seem to find the happy medium that will grant me a spot for stitching.  So far Ive just added a bit to two houses.  One on BBD Snow Garden and another on LHN Neighborhood.  May take the kids to the fountains tomorrow to cool down and add more stitches.  Pics soon!


  1. Happy 13th to your DS. My youngest is now 17 and I wish I could go back to 13! My son loves the DQ Blizzard cake also and heck, it saves me (and you) a lot of time.

  2. I envy the stitching/commuting time - that would be almost an extra hour a day...

    Happy bday to your son - mine will be 17 this summer and 13 seems so far away, yet just yesterday!

  3. I envy the stitching while commuting! That would be almost an extra hour each day for me. Thirteen - my son will be 17 this summer and it seems like so long ago that he was 13, yet just yesterday!

  4. Oh Happy Birthday to your teen! My youngest is 18....sobbbb.

    You are amazing with your walking and stitching time...I think an occasional "sleep in." My DH loves his train commute, he says it's the best hour, he gets reading time that he normally wouldn't.

    Have a great day!