Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pink houses

Ok, A pink house.  Here is an update of Pink Hill Manor

Pink Hill Manor 6-8-10

varmint update

Ive been doing what I can to keep thoughts off fleas.  The Borax isnt working too well and the Hertz natural stuff just smells good.  I have advantage on the way for the duo – they need the break.  I did hear of another varmint killer – mint oil spray, used on threasholds and baseboards.  Ace Hardware used to have it but dont any more.  A friend who used to use it may bring some for me to try.  So for now Im still using Borax as it helps a bit against fleas and ants and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.


  1. The Pink House is so pretty! Good luck battling the pests!

  2. Add a piece of a flea collar to the vacuum bag. If it is a bag, when you are finished, take the bag outside to the trash can because the fleas can get out of the bag. If it is a canister that you empty, put the piece of flea collar in the canister, vacuum as normal and dump it outside. I used to run a pest control company in Arizona, using the bit of flea collar in the vacuum bag helps kill the fleas you vacuum up, rather than just transport them to another part of the house.

    Your Pink House looks great!