Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Country in the City

Ok I work downtown.  Lots of buildings and lots of pigeons and other small birds.  We also have Hawks.  Beautiful Red-tail hawks.  Wonderful people have setup various Raptor Cams for us to watch the nests. 

So now enough background and on to the story

We got a view Monday of a young hawk trying really (REALLY) hard to get a small snack.  Given the size of bird he was trying for it would have been like having one chip out of a bag.

Would you believe the little bird was mocking the hawk?  Really egging him/her on!  Did Catch-me-if-you-can game for about 10 min.  Then other little birds came (5 or so) and all of them got into the game.  Poor hawk just was out gamed.

no snack today…


  1. I love watching the hawks soar. I have often seen the crows gang up on the hawk but never the smaller birds.

    Off to watch the cam. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Awsome cam. We have two falcons on city hall here. They've been there since 2006 and they have contests to name the babies every year. It's really fun.

    it looks like your hawk found something to eat!