Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday again


Is Loki trying to tell me something?

I cant believe its been a week already.  I had grand plans to post something Friday, I did have stuff to post but it just didnt happen :P

pic for Friday’s post

Valentine Rose 6-18-10

I was cruising with my stitching this past week, lots of color spots to fill in for train stitching as well as being able to stitch on the train.  I did notice the DMC color for the roof is not even close to the GA color called for but not going to worry about it.

Now for today’s update :)

Valentine Rose 6-21-10 The bricks are complete and Im starting to fill in the windows and mortar.  I hope to have this finished this week.

I picked up charts, fabric and fibers for house 1 & 5 so Im ready for the next project :p

P1010645 Duo of chaos and a big battle! (riiight)


  1. You've been busy!

    Those kitties look like they're having fun together.

  2. Wow, that's a pretty finish :) and some cutie kitties!

  3. That's a great finish - you got a lot done - I know those bricks can be monotonous at times!

  4. Wow, your needle must be smokin' hot, Rachel! Awesome progress!

  5. Nice progress! That is turning out so good!