Monday, June 14, 2010

Evils of Pollen

Why does middle age, or pre-middle age as 60 is the new 40, that it feels like going through puberty all over again?  At this time in my life Im constantly finding things that are causing me grief.

For example, yesterday morning I donned the hat of good homeowner and mowed (well re-moved.  P mowed the day before - his first time so there was a bit of cleanup) and weed-eated.  It was beautiful, no rain forecasted (I know!  I was totally shocked) and the yard so needed a trim.  Fast fwd to the afternoon and Im feeling like crap.  Allergy attack with all the fun breathing issues, itchy-watery eyes and acheyness that goes along with it.  Ive diagnosed myself as being allergic to yard work, but dont think it will pass the mustard with D :op.

I can picture it now, me outside doing yard work with a face mask on, lol

On to stitchy stuff

I finished stitching Pink Hill Manor Sat and had great plans posting about it yesterday but due to the issue above it was all I could do finishing the laundry so I could fall into bed (and boy did I!)

Here she is!

Pink Hill Manor 6-14-10 (2) While stitching this house I got to thinking (so dangerous!) about the collection and came up with a really fun project.  I did the first one as a gift but wouldnt it be grand to do the whole collection on separate blocks using people throughout the life of the giftee and present it as a quilt!  My brain is working and working on who I can incorporate in the blocks.  I have an aunt who quilts and I will be talking with her this weekend about my wild plan to see if she will help.

I have worked on a couple other projects in addition to Pink Hill Manor

Mother Maya - have 5 motifs completed!

Mother Maya 6-14-10

LHN Neighborhood - Still working on a roof.  Great to work on while waiting for dinner to do something (stir pot, add two rows, stir pot, rinse & repeat until buzzer).  Not much to show since last time so no pic.

And I started another BBD house, Valentine Rose (house #2)

Valentine Rose 6-14-10

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats on your finish! It turned out really well. Lovely progress on your other projects, too!

  2. Pollens have only just started affecting me since I hit my 40's. Not good.

    Great stitching updates.

  3. Congratulations on your finish! I love these little houses but haven't started one yet. I didn't develop allergies to anything until about a year ago - it's hell getting older. I'm allergic to eye makeup of all things. Nasty!

  4. Here's to no more lawn mowing in your future!

    Great finish on pink house too.

  5. love the progress on maya! Isn't it fun to work with one fiber, sometimes easy!