Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back on the trail

Ive taken 2 weeks off from working out.  Spring/Summer allergies (so new to me) and not having a reason to get up before I really need to (kids are out of school )- excuses all around. Big mistake as Ive not been truly tracking everything I eat.  Add that to not working out and it all increases the numbers on the scale and measuring tape.

So today Ive taken back control.  Got up, dressed, got water and sweat towel, turned the Wii on and got busy. 

I was planning on taking it to the stars and go all out, 50 min workout on the Wii and then a walk (with some running) on the treadmill but thought smarter.  Small workout on the Wii and if I felt I could get away with it, a walk on the treadmill.

Let me tell you the Wii kicked my ass.  Well, thighs but enough that Im holding off on the treadmill for now (its early yet) and so I can workout again tomorrow and be able to walk (and bend over).

My new goal for this week is: I will get up at 5am and workout every day and track – everything.

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  1. You would never think that the exercises on Wii would do much (at least my husband thinks they don't - although just his opinion - he's never actually tried the thing). Anyway, I feel like I've been beat up after doing a round on that thing! Glad you got back into your routine.