Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Dances

Had one of those moments that just smacks you upside the head and lets you know you are on the right path yesterday.

During my usual weekly grocery shopping yesterday I paused by the clothes to see if there were any capris for sale, found some for 50% off, got my size and took off to the dressing room.  Put them on and found they were too big!  I did a little jig, got dressed and checked if they had the next size down.  No dice.  Still it was one of the best clothes shopping trips Ive had in a long time.

Today I got up, worked out 30 min on the Wii and walked for 30, total of 546 calories spent.  Im going to try and burn 500 or more every day this week.  There is a group of peeps at work that run the stairs (yup, I said run) during lunch.  While I cant run them due to knee issues I dont see any reason why I cant try and at least join them and go at my own pace.


Now for the next happy dance

Valentine Rose is complete except for the name and date. 

Valentine Rose 6-26-10

I changed the S in the door to be the initial of my maternal great-grandfather’s last name.  Ive also decided to hold off adding names to the remaining houses until I have them all stitched and then I will determine what needs to go where or at least what all needs to be added.

I started Snow Garden - house #1 Tuesday but dont have any pics of it yet.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my stitching.  Those are a wonderful motivator :o)


  1. A fab finish, Rachel! Congratulations!

  2. A wonderful finish and great news of the pants being too big. That has to definitely brighten anyone's day.

  3. YAY! on the pants and hurray on the exercise...I think I'll go burn my calories right now, thanks for the shove!
    Your stitching finish is SUPER great :)

  4. love the houses...can't wait to see all of them done and how you decide to personalize.

    congrats on the next size down- that is one of the biggest struggles I continue to have!!