Tuesday, May 11, 2010


be vewy, vewy, quiet Im stiching x’s

Sure its been almost a month but Ive just not wanted to get on and type.  Bad me.

Ive been keeping up on my work outs.  Since March 21 Ive only taken off 2 days.  One to see how it would feel (just wrong) and the second was on Mothers day and I was sick.  So I didnt really care that I missed it or not.  It was wrong to be sick on Mothers day.  Ive been pretty consistent loosing inches and am now waving a happy good by to 11.5 of them.

A new work out for me has been fixing up the yard at my parents.  Dad got bark chips which P and I have been spreading for paths around the yard.  That has been an awesome workout, completely draining but wonderful.  I get my workout and spending time with the folks.  Dad keeps DL occupied and P helps me.  Win-win all around.

Now for updates on most of what Ive been working on the last few weeks.  A couple items are gifts and cant be shown at this time.


CDD 5-11-10


Mother Maya

Mother Maya 5-11-10


PS Letter A

PS A 5-11-10



Tanglewood 5-11-10


  1. Mega congrats on the loss of inches. Good for you!

    You are working on some really pretty projects. I especially like the colors of Tanglewood. beaituful.

  2. Goodness. Seeing Tangelwood gave me a bit of a shock. I remember when this piece was just a few stitches. I even had to look back through your posts to make sure I wasn't imagining things! It looks fantastic, Rachel!