Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its been a good weekend

I feel like Ive broken through a barrier of sorts.  I had a great week running every day and shocked the system by taking my first day off in six weeks and didnt workout on Sat, which felt really weird.  I did shopping which gave me lots of extra calories to make up (or eat up.  not all but some) but no running and no Wii.

So imagine my wonderful surprise to see what the scale told me this morning!  1.4 loss for the week!  And the measuring tape showed an additional 3.5 inches gone.

I was so giddy I gave myself a treat and had some Brown Cow yogurt, Coffee & Chocolate (yum!), for dessert tonight.

This week Im changing stuff up again

Sunday – Wii Active + C25K

Monday – Wii Active

Tuesday – C25K

Wednesday – Wii Active

Thursday – C25K

Friday – Wii Active

Saturday – Rest

This way I get my rest between running days and get strength and toning to make more muscles to burn more fat.

P started C25K tonight as well.  We are tentatively planning on doing the Starlight run (Portland Rose Festival) this year.  No costumes, maybe if we do make it and want to do it again I will work on doing costumes next year :)

Stitching news

Here is an update on Mother Maya – lots done since the last updateMother Maya 4-25-10

I purchased new charts I hope to have stitched for someone but its a surprise so no show and tell until after they have been given.  Oh the agony!

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