Sunday, May 16, 2010


What Happens @ Grandmas Well, the kids Grandma’s.  This is one of the stitch but cant share items Ive been working on.  Gifted to MIL today for her birthday this year.  I used charms instead of additional candy.  The heart has #1 Grandma on it and the other is a present.  A nice addition and not all candy.

Ive also been working on LHN Neighborhood, lots of block colors that I can stitch and not change colors or look at the pattern constantly.

I leave you with a pic of Lilith on her favorite (atm anyway) resting place.  Making sure the chair stays put :p

Lilith 5-15-10JPG


  1. Aww, cute stitching and cute kitty!

  2. Cute finish.
    Cute picture of Lilith.

  3. Cute finish! Great idea to put charms on it!