Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have reached a full frustration on my wellness path.

1) Scale is not my friend.  Not going lower when I need that small bit of motivation

2) Asthma, also not my friend.  This week has been the absolute worst in mixing breathing and working out, specifically running.

3) Food.  Can you believe its actually hard to get all the good calories I need for the day?  I get full!

I didnt post any updates on losses this past week.  I ran on Sat and then spent a long time out in the yard so lots of calories spent.  Sunday I took a day off, trying to give my bod that one day off from working out and just taking a break myself.  I still tracked all foods eaten and stayed within my limits but when I got on the scale I had gone up, too much for my comfort.  Even the measuring tape wasnt in my corner this week.

Just not fair.  Especially after working so hard for 2 months with hardly any changes in the scale.

Then came Monday and running.  Oh lord my lungs were not happy!  Unbelievable how hard it was to finish a run that I had done without issues just Saturday!  Tuesday was fine, Wii Active day and more resistance than cardio so no breathing issues.  Then the Wed run.  Lets just say Im done running until after a checkup from my Dr.  I will walk (long walks) on my running days until I find out what the heck is going on with my lungs.  Wish I could Gibbs smack them to get them back on track.

Then today.  Today was a sunshine happy day.  The scale likes me today!  If I take the total from Sunday, Ive lost over 4 lbs this week.  BUT Im not holding myself to that.  Im just happy its not going up and is going down.  Will just have to see what happens this Sunday.


  1. Weighing yourself every day is going to make you crazy if you let it. I am on chemo and radiation and I have to weigh myself every day. I can not lose or gain more than 5% of my total weight. And even though I have had a few episodes of diarrhea and nausea, I have GAINED weight. (It comes from having to eat so much mushy food -- bananas, rice, applesauce, tea and toast.) So the last couple of days I have been watching my intake and am really slowly going down to my initial weight. Which doesn't really help when I really want to lose a bunch of pounds!

    So weigh, but don't judge. Look to the long term. The weight will disappear, but not while you are watching it so closely.

  2. Hang in there and keep up the good work. Its so frustrating that anything can affect that scale - maybe a salty food caused some water retention. Anyway, Don't give up!