Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking spring break to a new level

A big decision was made this weekend, the need to be more active in getting control of my body and loose weight.

I was doing good late last year when we were going to the gym but due to cut backs, that is one of the extras we got rid of.  I was doing ok through the holidays but some how in Jan my control went out the window.

So here I am, starting Spring Break with a wonderful opportunity to start a new program and not have work or kids school getting in the way.

Last night I got out Wii Active and got my profile started.  Not working out but did try out a few moves.  Wii Active has a 30 day challenge that I will be working on.  This morning, before breakfast (but after brushing the teeth – cant do anything before that is done!) I got going.  Got a good 20 min workout and now my calves, hamstrings and quads are letting me know how out of shape Ive gotten.  Thankfully tomorrow there is a new group of muscles to get to know exercise again.

This time around Im also going to try and keep track of everything going in. has a good tracker of food & fitness,

Will see how it goes.  I do have one other person in the house joining me.  DL is loving the “games” Wii Active has and will go through everything and not complain about anything and shout to the moon that he has gold trophies :)  So far he sits patiently, waiting for me to finish so he can play.

D and I got Just Dance for the Wii, something the whole family can play.  He and I saw this at PAX last year.  Its similar to DDR and Rock Band but it wont stop if you cant keep up with the moves which is good.

So, off to put my sore muscles to bed and wake up ready for the next workout :)

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